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EXTRA CREDIT (and thus optional)
May Blogging Assignment

Write a post only and include two different types of media (image, embedded video, linked text). Up to three E.C. pts awarded.

Due: Thursday, May 25, 10 pm

Posts should be between 200 and 500 words. They should include either a hyperlink to related information, an image (be sure to provide an image credit), or an embedded video. Or you may choose to create a 2-5 minute video or podcast. Check out the rubric here. Use Creative Commons for media.

Check out these blogging guidelines for students.  
Check out the Youth Voices blog for posts to read and comment on and for ideas!

Comments should be at least 70 words long, begin with the poster’s name, reference something in the post, and add to the conversation in some way. To navigate to the student blogs, hit the Blog Roll at the bottom of my site.  Check out the rubric here.
*Again this month, at least one of your comments must be on a non-OHS blog. Be sure to copy and paste the comment into the Private Comment when you turn in your assignment, just in case the comment doesn't show up right away.

Use this blogging information in order to present your best work.

This is due:  THURSDAY, March, 23 by 10 pm
Helpful Links:
Creative Commons Search:  Find media that is licensed for re-use.    
Audacity: Download this free audio recorder and editor software to create podcasts
PowToons:  Use this fun and easy web tool to create animations.
Biteable: Use this tool to create fun animations, too!
Free Photos for use on blogs / another / and another

18 Science-Based Reasons to Try Loving-Kindness Meditation

How meditation grows the brain

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Spreeder -- paste in text, set speed and other variables, and read



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How meditation grows the brain

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