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Blogging Assignment # 1
Read several blogs and provide information on four of them by filling in the chart below.  

For each blog:
A. Provide the blog title and link;
B. Comment on the content (what you liked & didn’t like);
C. Comment on the visual aspects like layout and color.

Find good teen blogs here. Or look at Okemos High School student blogs here (look at “Blog Roll” at bottom of screen and/or “Best of” site).

These instructions and the table below have been shared with you on Classroom. Use that document to complete the assignment.
Blog title (hyperlinked to site)
Content (what you like/don’t like)
Visual Aspects (layout/color)


18 Science-Based Reasons to Try Loving-Kindness Meditation

How meditation grows the brain

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Find out your reading speed.

Spreeder -- paste in text, set speed and other variables, and read



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How meditation grows the brain

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