Digital Citizen Expectations & Contract

  • If you don’t have a personal relationship with someone outside the digital environment, don’t share your personal information with him or her inside the digital environment.

  • Never alter anything within the digital environment without permission unless it is on a page that belongs only to you. Collaboration pages should be altered, but do not delete the work of others. When you do make changes (post a picture or a piece of writing, etc.), consider carefully how anything you post will impact everyone who might see it and what messages it sends about you. Remember that neither words nor images that cause any person or group to feel diminished or unwelcome within our digital environment will be tolerated—and remember that there will be serious consequences for posting materials that violate this rule.  Follow the rules of Fair Use and do not plagiarize. Always cite your sources.

  • When you are in the digital world, present yourself with the same good judgment that you would use in the non-digital world. Our online spaces are academic sites, and so your conduct there must meet the standards of an academic environment. Follow the OHS code of student conduct at all times when you are using the online site, no matter what time it is or where you are physically located when you access the site.

Please view the contract and sign it by typing your name in the supplied blank.

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